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“We Aspire to Offer The Best Quality Solutions to Customers”

The increasing incidents of security breaches have become a serious concern for organizations and hence they are adopting robust security models to eliminate the risks. The individuals are also not safe here as they are the easiest targets for cybercriminals. The country has been progressing very rapidly to become a digital nation but cybersecurity is a big obstacle in this journey. Net Protector, India’s leading antivirus brand, is consistently working towards making the digital journey safe for all customers. In an interaction with Telecom Today, Sanjiv Kela, Managing Director at Net Protector expressed his views on the current market scenario.

Q: How do you see the brand’s overall business growth in CY 2019?

A: The year 2019 was indeed a great year for “Aapke PC ka Doctor Net Protector”. The growing PC market is nurturing the security solution market in India and we are looking forward to work on the opportunities coming our way. Due to our strong performance in the year 2019, the confidence of our team is high and we assure our customers to deliver an effective solution in the future as well. The year 2019 helped us in further expanding our reach to more customers globally and attaining a good market share all over the world. As India has a big ICT market and has a massive customer base, we aspire to offer the best quality solutions to customers by innovating our ideology and showcase it through our solutions.

Q: What will be your overall business growth or target revenue for CY 2020?

A: As we are very much confident about our industry-leading solutions and experienced team, we aspire to continue the growth momentum in this new calendar year as well. We are currently present in every major city across India through our strong regional distributors/dealers’ network. In CY 2020, we aim to focus on expanding our network to every part of the world and build trust in the global market. We are also focusing on new end to end products like Anti-Ransomware, data backup, data privacy solutions, and many more. As the penetration of organizations in the technology industry is all-time high therefore we see huge opportunities for us to grow. Today companies need effective security measures to safeguard their vital digital assets so this market is full of opportunities.

Q: What will be your channel strategy to drive substantial growth?

A: NPAV is a core channel-friendly company and they play a very important role in our growth story. Channel community is the real crusader of our success in the market, hence we take care of them and provide them the adequate help to sustain in challenging conditions. We are extremely sensitive about channel hygiene and always make sure that every layer of the channel ecosystem makes a healthy margin. We always bring policies that favor our channel partners as they are our face to customers. Also, timely disbursement of channel schemes helped us gain strong channel confidence in NPAV. We conduct channel training programs and educate them about our solutions that increase their work efficiency.

Q: Please share your service support commitment to your loyal customers.

A: As we are a customer-centric brand, we feel very much responsible for helping our customers who trust us. Our security solutions are made to protect them from any kind of cyber fraud/threat and provide them with an end to end cybersecurity platform. With our strong network across India, we assure our customers to resolve their queries in the minimum possible time. The customers are like our family and we always treat them with special attention. We commit to providing every possible support to them and our customer support centers work to make them feel satisfied.  We are always available to our customers.

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