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“We Are Going to Make The Kaspersky Product Line Available in T2/T3 Cities”

The importance of traditional partners will remain the same as they play very crucial role in success of any tech brands in India. In India currently there are about 10 National Distributors who drive technology business for most of the brands. Supertron Electronics, the undisputed leader in distribution business since long time, has helped all major brands in succeeding the Indian market. Supertron has large partners network and branch offices at all locations across country to cater the need of consumers demand. They are also playing a key role for Kaspersky as National Distributor to reach out B2C market through innovative security solutions. Rajeev Ranjan, Editor & Publisher of Digital Terminal spoke to Vipul Bhandari, Executive Director, Supertron Electronics and discussed various issues related with distribution business.

Rajeev: What is your true strength in the distribution business? How do you maintain your leadership position in the Indian distribution market?

Vipul: One of the reasons why we have successfully established ourselves as a leading distributor is because of our credibility in the channel network. We have always supported and helped our channel partners to help their business grow and supported them in the tough times. Hence, they strongly believe in us and trust us. This good will has reaped us multiple benefits and helped us business grow in multiple folds.

Rajeev: How do you see your business growth with Kaspersky so far in the Indian market?

Vipul: We are glad to have been associated with Kaspersky as their sole B2C distributor. The journey so far been stupendous as we have been successful in expanding their reach in the remotest areas of the country. We intend grow the business through a structured manner with our channel partners and ultimately targeting the consumers. We look forward to flourishing 2020 with Kaspersky. 

Rajeev: How is the customers’ response in the market regarding the recently launched 2020 edition of Kaspersky security solutions?

Vipul: Kaspersky always had a stronghold in the minds of the consumers and they always considered Kaspersky as a premium product. With the new logo and new branding, the customer response has been very good. The 2020 edition has seen strong acceptance with the consumers and we are undertaking various consumer promotional offers to market and inform the consumer about the various security solutions products. 

Rajeev: What are your expectations from this year in the context of revenue or YoY growth? How are you planning to strengthen your market position?

Vipul: Internet penetration is increasing exponentially especially in the T2 and T3 cities and so is the threat of cybercrime and cyber theft. We need to educate people living in such cities about cybersecurity and hence we are going to make the Kaspersky product line available in T2/T3 cities. Through the various channel incentives program and end-consumer promos, we hope to make the make the product available at maximum retailer counters and thereby strengthening the position of the brand.

Rajeev: What sort of challenges are distribution houses facing these days particularly in the cybersecurity domain?

Vipul: One of the major challenges faced is the lack of awareness and misinformation about cybersecurity. People are not aware of the imminent threats from the internet in the form of theft, phishing, ransomware and malware attacks, etc. These are the kind of the cyber security threats which the consumers get inadvertently exposed to. Hence, as a distributor we must make sure they are well protected and secure.

Rajeev: In association with Kaspersky, what all marketing activities, channel awareness & consumer engagements we can see in the year 2020?

Vipul: In the upcoming, we hope to roll-out various quarterly channel schemes to promote the brand. We will make sure the schemes are consistent and aggressive in order to drive the channel market. Digital effort will be increased this year to reach out to consumers on offers. We shall have consistent consumer attractive offer for full year.

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