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“RSA Delivers Business-Driven Security Solutions That Provide Unified Approach to Managing Digital Risk”

With changing threat trends, organizations of any size are at great risk. Lack of awareness and availability of the right solutions are two major challenges for such companies. The security solution providers are working in the right direction nowadays to boost awareness among such consumers. We see immense opportunities in this market for security players currently and even in days to come. RSA Security, one of the well-known brands, has also chalked out its plan for the Indian market to tap the existing opportunities in this domain.  Rajeev Ranjan, Editor & Publisher of Digital Terminal spoke to Rajnish Gupta, Regional Director – India & SAARC, RSA Security to know more about the company plans.

Rajeev: How do you see the current threat scenario in Indian security market?

Rajnish: One factor to consider during times of disruption is by being resilient and having a business continuity plan. Disruptions from natural disasters and outbreaks of illness to cyberattacks, affects businesses, individuals, communities, countries and the government. The present environment is lending itself to new risks brought about by a remote workforce accessing critical and sensitive systems and applications to work efficiently. Organizations across the globe are implementing remote work options extensively or for the first time, or extending it to more workers, and looking for ways to secure their infrastructure access.

Some of the key pointers to consider are:

  • Business Resiliency Risk – As organizations continue to globalize and interconnect, they are exposed to more disruptions.  A multi-national company could be affected at multiple sites, and if their distributed model also serves as a resiliency strategy, it could quickly become obsolete. Organizations of all size and scope need resiliency, backup or recovery plans. These plans make the organization prepared ahead of time so that they can react before, during and after a disruptive event.
  • Third-Party Risk – Third parties are often as important to the organization that uses them as their own internal workings. An organization cannot be as resilient as they should be without ensuring the resiliency of their critical third parties.  Since resiliency includes both operational and IT resiliency, it’s critical to evaluate when onboarding new vendors, as well as reviewing the capabilities of your existing third parties.
  • Dynamic Workforce – Many organizations have moved towards offering remote work options more extensively.  The workforce model itself has evolved from 100% full-time employees onsite, to using more gig, contract, third party and other non-traditional workers in a variety of shifts, roles and locations.  This has been done for business reasons and to leverage digital transformation, but it is also an effective resiliency and workforce continuity measure.

One of our key products – RSA Archer® Suite offers integrated risk management solutions which can help customers identify, assess and reduce impact of the additional risks specific to them so that they are better prepared for the next disruptive event.

Fueled by technological innovation and digital transformation, our world is evolving and changing more quickly than ever. In 2019, with more than four billion records breached, we learnt that regardless of size or sector, every organization is a target of a possible cyberattack.

Rajeev: How do you see the digital transformation journey so far for the Indian companies?

Rajnish: India is in a phase of rapid digital transformation and is moving towards a digital society, whether it is payments, record-keeping or personal identification data, the scale of this transformation is huge in the public sector which is also driving the corporations to follow suite. We see a lot of momentum with Fintech companies, which is the fastest growing segment globally and is making an impact in the Indian market too.

According to Gartner, there is 12% growth in the India market and we are growing way ahead of that market. RSA Security has a very strong focus on the academic alliances, in terms of skill building. From a cybersecurity standpoint, the report mentions that there is a shortage of 3 million skilled personnel worldwide and India has a very strong talent pool to fulfil this shortage. Cybersecurity is one such area which we need to look into and that should be the focus to see how we can bridge the gap of skill shortage versus talent pool availability.

With the digital transformation wave – the way we do our business, how we interact with our customers and suppliers has changed. With cyber-attacks increasing, along with other factors like the mobile workforce, regulatory issues and data privacy are elevating the level of threats. To keep this in check, companies must keep pace with risk and security strategies that combine awareness, collaboration, investment and innovation.

Rajeev: What are the key security solutions from RSA to secure digital assets of organizations?

Rajnish: RSA delivers business-driven security solutions that provide a unified approach to managing digital risk that hinges on integrated visibility, automated insights and coordinated actions. RSA products hold leadership positions in Gartner Magic Quadrants and protect over 50 million identities and over a billion consumers worldwide. With over 700 dedicated security practitioners and a global ecosystem of over 400 partners, RSA delivers unified capabilities in the four essential areas of business-driven security: evolved SIEM & threat defense, identity and access assurance, integrated risk management, and fraud prevention, as well as services for risk and cyber security.

The RSA portfolio includes:

  • RSA Archer® Suite is designed to empower organizations to manage multiple dimensions of business risk using a single, configurable, integrated risk management platform and solutions built on industry standards and best practices.
  • RSA® Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite gives organizations transforming their digital, multi-channel strategy the ability to protect consumers against fraud while improving the user experience and reducing transaction friction.
  • RSA NetWitness® Platform is an evolved SIEM that provides end-to-end visibility across organizations. Engineered to immediately identify high-risk threats on devices, in the cloud and across your virtual enterprise, RSA NetWitness Suite also optimizes security processes to reduce attacker dwell time and make analysts more efficient and effective.
  • RSA SecurID® Suite provides end users with convenient, secure access to any application from any device. Trusted by more than 25,000 organizations worldwide, RSA SecurID Access delivers a full range of modern, multi-factor authentication methods so that you can protect the assets that matter most, from the cloud to the ground.
  • RSA® Risk & Cyber Security Practice offers a range of strategic services designed to help customers develop a business-driven security posture, build an advanced security operations center and revitalize their integrated risk management platform.

Rajeev: Please brief about your channel strength across all Indian market. How do you assure that your partners are growing well and making decent profitability in selling your security solutions?

Rajnish: RSA Security focuses on partners, who can help in coverage and bring in Net New Logos. By having focused partners and Distributors, we can help the channel community with better enablement, marketing budgets and interaction with the sales resources. We are looking at how the white space can be better leveraged, through our partner ecosystem.

It is extremely important to have the channels engaged, it is impossible for a company to cover all accounts and market segments with its own sales force. Besides, the channels are the ones who bid for large projects where the RSA products maybe a part of the bigger bid. Not engaging through the channels would mean that a large part of opportunities are being missed out. A typical example is a Smart City project or projects with a large government department etc.

We want to skill our focus on the key partners with more than one product family. The RSA product family is designed to seamlessly interlock and provide value to our customers. We would like our partners to be trained to architect and deploy the RSA NetWitness Suite, RSA Archer Suite, RSA SecurID Access, RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence solutions. There are various levels of skills development that are provided through the On-Demand online portal, and instructor led training and certifications. We also have the shadowing experience, where a partner gets to learn a real time deployment by shadowing the RSA team.

We continually have partner enablement workshops and skills trainings for both sales and pre-sales for all our focus partners. There are various levels and types of skill training programs – online, instructor led, certifications etc. Training and upgrading partner skill sets in an ongoing process and we do this programmatically. This is working well for RSA and we will continue with it throughout the year.

Rajeev: What according to you is the major challenge for all players in security domain? Please share your strategy to counter this challenge.

Rajnish: Traditionally, cyber security was seen as the way to protect everything. The businesses have now started to realize that, protecting everything is not possible, which leads to the question of ‘what is important’. This is where the risk management solutions help. We at RSA Security believe in a risk-based approach and educate our customers and partners about digital risk management keeping in mind the digital transformation trends. A lot of information is produced by an increase in the usage of cloud services, internet and mobile data, leading to risks. RSA is helping our customers in understanding this difference from the traditional cybersecurity approach.

RSA Security is the standalone oldest cybersecurity company and we are at the intersection of the world with digital transformation. Cybersecurity conversations need to be risk-based– which information is important, what needs to be safeguarded and what happens if an organization does not assess the risks to brand reputation, financials, customer loyalty. RSA recommends breaking down of business and security silos to take control of risks stemming from digital transformations. The security incidents must have a business context to manage risks effectively.

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Rajeev has witnessed the growth of technology across all verticals since he started his career in journalism. With a vast experience of almost 11 years in the technology market in India, he has worked closely with the industry leaders and has been part of this revolution in IT & communication market in India. He started his career as an entrepreneur in 2009 in the technology world. Currently, he is Director of News Dot Media Pvt. Ltd., Chief Editor for Digital Terminal (Magazine & Online) & Telecomtoday.in  

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