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Product Review: Tenda AC23 AC2100 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

Today, accessing high-speed internet is no more a challenge because the innovations happening in the networking market are praiseworthy. The Wi-Fi routers built with futuristic technology make the Wi-Fi experience ultimate. Tenda recently launched the AC23 AC2100 Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi router which Tenda says provides a great user experience. We have reviewed this product to know is it good for high-speed internet connectivity or not. Read the below-detailed review:

Design and Built-up

The Wi-Fi router is built with good material and it has a dark tone and shell shape. The router has an appealing design and you can’t stop yourself from liking it. Furthermore, Tenda AC23 has 7*6 dBi external antennas, making it seem as though it can arrive at quick velocities just by its looks. Yet in case you’re searching for a router that will fit well with most insides of a family with light insides the Tenda AC23 would look engaging and fit the topic.


Tenda AC23 is a powerful router equipped with an array of most sought features. The Tenda AC23 AC2100 is a dual-band gigabit wireless router therefore it works on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It has 802.11 ac wave2 features and can provide speeds up to 2033 Mbps (300 Mbps for 2.4GHz and 1733 Mbps for 5GHz).

The router has one great feature which is very much required in today’s time that is 4×4 MU-MIMO for the 5 GHz band. MU-MIMO means “Multiple User – Multiple Input, Multiple Output.” With the help of this feature, you can connect multiple devices simultaneously with this router and there will not be any lagging issue. You can play your gaming or watch the movies uninterruptedly.

The 7*6dBi antennas also provide a wider range and make it convenient to penetrate through walls.

Below two-screen shorts from the signal strength test:

It is equipped with gigabit ports that facilitate up to 1000 Mbps transmission capacity access. Which implies it will not bottleneck your connection.

It has Beamforming+ for a superior and more dependable connection. What Beamforming+ does is fundamentally rather than the router broadcasting the sign of your WiFi every which way the router figures out where your gadget is for a stronger signal towards that direction.

The router also has a Parental Control feature with which you can have control over your children’s online activities. With this feature, you can add time limitations to any gadget associated with the router and can block the harmful sites for every connected gadget. This is a quite good feature for those parents/guardians who want their children to be safe online.


Tenda AC23 AC2100 available on IT Seller & Reseller at MRP of INR 19500.  As we know India is a price-driven market so it has priced below INR 14999/- which could have been a great deal.


After reviewing this wireless router and testing it on our hard parameters, we can say that it has good features that one would want for an uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience. Also, it has some top-notch features that a router at this price point usually doesn’t have. It caters to our household that has about at most 15 devices connected at the same time. We can simultaneously play online games with stable ping while our 2 TVs are streaming Netflix or YouTube. The most important software feature this router has is the bandwidth control which means we can set the maximum up/downstream for each of the devices connected so we can give higher bandwidth to the devices that actually need it.

At last towards to cons side as AC 23 is the latest and most high spiced router Tenda has ever launched we couldn’t found WiFi6 in this and that was little disappointing. 

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