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Product Review: Kingston Canvas Go! Plus SDCG3 microSD Card

Kingston recently upgraded its Canvas portfolio of SD cards with the launch of its new Canvas Go! Plus microSD cards. The Canvas Go Plus series offers storage capacities starting from 64GB and goes up to 512GB. We received the 256GB variant microSD cards for review. The microSD card comes along with an optional SD adapter. We tested the canvas series storage product on various parameters during the review. Read below the complete and detailed review:

As per Kingston, the Canvas Go Plus memory card support blazing fast read/write speeds up to 170/90MB/s. These storage products can help you shoot 4K UHD videos and high-quality pictures with ease. These memory cards are ideal for those who love to shoot on DSLR/GoPro cameras for excellent pictures and videos. Additionally, Kingston stated that Canvas Go Plus memory cards are waterproof, temperature proof, shock and vibration proof and X-ray proof. So we were quite happy with the review of this product from Kingston. 


Although, the company says that it can deliver 170/90MB/s read and write speed, but we wanted to be assured from our end. So we went through a speed test for its read and write speed. First, we checked its write speed which generally means that we transferred a 4GB file from our Lenovo AIO PC to the Canvas Go! Plus MicroSD card. The data file included high-quality pictures, MP3 files, MP4 files, ZIP files, some word documents and etc. The memory product recorded data transfer speed up to 82.5MB/s. Such write speed is considered good and it can save your time while being in an urgency to copy your data from any device to the SD cards. 

After checking its write speed, we moved ahead to check the read speed. The read speed means transferring the data from the storage device to your local device. We transferred that 4GB data file from the Canvas Go! Plus memory card to our Lenovo AIO PC. The read speed was also commendable as the memory card recorded 158.2MB/s speed. 

The read/write speed of the Canvas Go! Plus MicroSD card is amazing and there is one more good news for those who are looking to buy the Canvas Go! Plus device. The memory card comes with a lifetime warranty which means you do not have to worry about its quality. Kingston has shown a commitment to the quality of its product by offering a lifetime warranty. 

As the microSD card is capable of shooting the 4K videos, we used the memory card for shooting videos in our DSLR camera. The overall experience while shooting the videos and clicking the pictures was truly overwhelming. We can say that this device is good for professional photographers/videographers.

Price & Availability  

The Kingston Canvas Go! Plus microSD Card is priced at INR 4600 and available across online platforms. 

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The Canvas Go! Plus microSD card from Kingston is really a great offering and it is good for today’s content creators who work on big storage files. Data transfer used to be a tough task but with the Canvas Go! Plus storage, it is no more a challenge as per our own experience. The data transfer speed which we experienced was really great. Moreover, its compatibility is also noticeable. The memory card worked well with our DSLR and we did not face any issue while shooting the videos or while copying the videos/pictures from the SD card to our PC. This Canvas series is aimed at professionals who can boost their performance. We find Canvas Go! Plus MicroSD worthy in our review and we give it 4 stars out of 5.

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