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Product Review: Bluei Echo 3 Wireless Neckband

The trend of having wireless neckband is gradually increasing among millennials but finding the right one becomes very challenging. Also, you cannot judge any neckband earphone based upon its looks and design, you need honest and detailed reviews to understand the performance which makes the biggest difference. We have reviewed a recently launched wireless neckband named Echo 3 from brand Bluei. This is a budget category earphone and comes under 2K. Does Echo 3 neckband really make difference in its category, let’s check it out-

Echo 3 Design and Build Quality

Unlike other neckband earphones available under the 2K price segment, which seems fancy, the Echo 3 comes in a very decent and simple design. You will not be disappointed though, as it looks very classy even in a simple design. The neckband is quite flexible and is not made of hard plastic which causes discomfort when you wear it around your neck. Even, you can keep it in your pocket after turning it. The build quality of the Echo 3 is average and you cannot expect premium type quality under this budget. The color of this neckband is black and every part of the neckband stick to black even the earbuds as well. The earbuds are also made of plastic and rubber cups are not found at the end of these earbuds. The drawback of earbuds made of plastic is that if you are wearing neckbands for a long time, you will feel pain. Rubber cups prevent this kind of trouble, but here you are not getting it. The earbuds have their mouths inward, allowing the music to reach your ears directly. Earbuds carry a comfortable design and fit securely in the ears.

The latch of the Echo 3 neckband is also made of hard plastic and has multifunction buttons for play / pause, volume up and down. Pressing the buttons seems a bit difficult as the quality of the button is a bit average. The size of these buttons is satisfactory, so you can easily use them. The Echo 3 neckband has a magnetic latch to help manage it while wearing it. Micro USB port is provided near the latch for charging. The neckband does not take much time to charge as you can charge it in about 1.5 hours. 


The Echo 3 neckband boasts an array of top-notch features for an enriched user experience. The neckband is based on Bluetooth 5.0 technology which helps in a stable connection with the device. The pairing is very easy and when we paired this neckband with our smartphone, it got connected within a few seconds so the connectivity is really impressive. Also, the Bluetooth range of this device is 10 meters. This transmission range is average as you get the same range in other neckbands available in this price range. A surprising factor about Echo 3 neckband is that it has a waterproof design so there will not be any issues with water dropping on the neckband. Or in case the neckband falls into water, it will work flawlessly. So it is nice to see that this budget category neckband comes with a waterproof design as now you can use it in rough conditions too. 

Battery Life

Bluei Echo 3 neckband comes with a 200 mAh rechargeable battery and Bluei says that the neckband can give up to 10 hours of playtime and 150 hours of standby time. But when we used it, we got around 8 hours of battery backup. However, the battery life depends upon the volume at which you use the device. According to Bluei, you get 10 hours of playtime when you use the device at 70% of volume. So, the battery performance can vary according to one’s usage. We used the neckband at 100% volume thereby we got 8 hours of playtime. Eventually, 10 hours of playtime is pretty much and as you can charge it in 1.5 hours, there won’t be any battery-related issues. 


Everything depends upon the performance of the product and we used it for a long period to evaluate the performance of Echo 3. First of all, Bluei has gone into deep technicalities to ensure the best sound output. The Echo 3 neckband has a frequency range of 20Hz to 20 KHz. Also, the sensitivity is kept at 102 Decibel on 1 KHz. The sensitivity of Echo 3 is really impressive because, at 102 decibels, we were able to feel the music even at a very low volume. We were able to notice very small changes in the music and every detail was clear and smooth. In our opinion, the music quality is very good and soft bass made our listening experience par remarkable. 

When we played the music on low volume, the bass was coming in a soft way and smoothly flowing through the ears. And when we played the music on high volume or we can call it maximum, the music was punchy and bass thrilled us. The overall listening experience was totally amazing and we did not really expect such nice sound output knowing that the neckband falls in the budget category. 

Telecom Today Verdict

This is a good option for those who want to buy a good wireless neckband under 2K. It offers superior sound quality, battery life and comfort. Although the design is very simple, it does not let you down in terms of sound quality. This is different from the other neckbands available in its range, except for one factor in the Bluetooth range, which is similar to the others. You can consider this Echo 3 neckband if you are looking for a value for money device as you can buy this at INR 1849/-. 

Pros: Nice build-quality I Comfortable I Decent sound quality I Solid bass I Easy to use 

Cons: No rubber cups on earbuds

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