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Hike Rolls Out Early Preview of Its Virtual World HikeLand



Hike brought the world’s first mobile-first virtual world, HikeLand out of Early Preview with brand new shared experiences and upgrades across HikeLand Home and HikeMoji. The platform saw early adoption with time spent inside HikeLand at a daily average of 50 mins. Adding to the existing watch-together, conversation experiences inside HikeLand Home, it introduced ad-free Ludo for users. Adding to this, it also rolled out full-body HikeMoji & expanded HikeLand Home to more people. Here users can add upto 3 friends to their home, where they can also do group voice calls. A brand new UI for HikeLand Home unlocks a front-facing view of the virtual world making room for more fun and banter.  

Built with customers at the center, HikeLand is a magical place to hangout online. The latest additions aim at creating more ways for users to hangout online while hanging out offline continues to remain challenging. In line with that, HikeLand is slated to bring multiple bite-sized shared experiences. One such experience is homegrown favorite Ludo. Rekindling the nostalgia of playing Ludo with friends, the first casual game introduced inside HikeLand emulates the joy of hanging out with friends over board games. Ensuring the experience remains uninterrupted & seamless, Hike has chosen to keep this game ad-free & seamless with a dedicated Ludo icon inside HikeLand Home.

Adding to this, Hikers’ virtual avatar goes to the next level with the new full-body HikeMoji making it more expressive and life-like. Crafted with unique insights to represent the diverse Indian demographic, the full-body HikeMoji is an extension of the expressive and fun HikeMoji face. The attention to detail that went into designing the full-body HikeMoji is reflected in 40 individual pieces added to complete the full HikeMoji look. Full-body HikeMoji also comes with a huge wardrobe to choose from across Indian, western, simple, premium, sports, lounge, superheroes amongst other categories.

Additionally, letting users add up to 3 friends on group calls, HikeLand Home can now be a party of 4. Users can host their friends for virtual hangout and chill sessions over games, their favorite content, and conversations. With its latest upgrades, HikeLand strives to shatter the loneliness of social platforms by creating shared synchronous experiences that bring everyday happiness to consumers beyond documenting their lives in feeds and statuses.

Speaking on the roll-out of the latest additions on HikeLand, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder & CEO, Hike, said,

“The feedback on HikeLand Early Preview has been fantastic. With over 50 mins time spent / day, users love the new user experience and it’s clear they just want more. Today, we’re following through on that demand. Games have been a huge request and we’re excited to launch our version of Ludo on HikeLand built around the HikeMoji where up to 4 players can play while hanging out over a voice call. Ludo on HikeLand will be completely Ad-Free.”

“Our users have also been chasing us for the full HikeMoji and today we’re launching just that with Full Body HikeMoji that comes with its own wardrobe. Hikers will finally be able to be their funniest, most expressive self in HikeLand, and style their HikeMoji in unique ways. In addition to that, we’ve improved the Home UX so that all of these activities are easier to discover making the experience more engaging.”

Launched in June 2020, HikeLand was built from the ground up keeping India in mind for a mobile-first audience. HikeLand was born out of an idea to push the boundaries on UX and go beyond the decade-old user experiences such as messaging & feed etc.

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Top Google Play Store Alternatives for Android Users



World over individuals, institutions, and Governments are more aware of the role that technology plays in their lives. One aspect that we tend to overlook with our smartphone usage is our choice of store for apps. Here are the best options for Android users for other stores that ought to explore. 

Google Play Store

One of the first mobile app stores, Google Play Store was introduced in 2008 with a vision to target the Android market. We all know how successful and popular this app store is across the globe. On average, this store comprises 2,714,499 apps, with 3739 new apps being added regularly.  

Samsung Galaxy Store

Available to Samsung app users, the Galaxy Store comes with a minimalistic interface with two tabs on the home screen: games and apps. The store which previously contained themes, wallpapers, games, etc. has recently reshaped itself with more focus on app and content delivery in local languages. As a result, it now also provides a curated list of app, game recommendations, better gaming perks, and app-exclusive features and offers.

Indus App Bazaar 

Designed to help users discover new and trending apps in their preferred language, Indus App Bazaar houses over 400,000 apps in English as well as 12 Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil and Bengali. Driven to support ‘Made in India’ and ‘Vocal for Local’ initiatives, this app store aims to address the needs of Indian consumers using local and linguistic content. Indus App Bazaar has delivered 1 billion installs+ updates to over 100 million users.

Amazon App Store

Available on all Amazon Fire devices, the Amazon App Store is not just limited to these devices but is accessible to more. To make it more rewarding, Amazon has recently redesigned the store by introducing Amazon Coins, which is a virtual currency to buy apps on discount or for free. This is what sets this store apart from others.

OPPO App Market

Created for ColorOS devices, the OPPO App Market enables users to download all types of Android apps and games for free. The app market offers a wide array of apps that span across categories such as music, social, office, books, photography, health, etc. Both Oppo and Vivo, top Chinese players joined forces to launch this app store to allow developers to market their creations in overseas markets.

Xiaomi GetApps

Started as an online marketplace of apps for Xiaomi smartphone users, Xiaomi GetApps now supports devices from other manufacturers as well. The best part about this app store is that it offers all popular applications, including PUBG, VSCO, and more than that, it also has a section called ‘Today’, which comprises various useful and interesting apps that are updated regularly. 

Huawei App Gallery 

A perfect place to discover your next favorite apps and games, Huawei App Gallery offers a wide array of exclusive content, coupled with free welcome gifts, special in-game events, competitions, and prize draws to make app shopping more rewarding for users. Although it doesn’t have common apps like Zoom, Netflix, Facebook, and even WhatsApp, users don’t have to fret because the store has these apps in APK formats. So, nothing can stop you from using these apps anyway. 

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Times Music Signs Global Licensing Deal with Video Sharing App Triller



Times Music and viral music video sharing app, Triller – announce their global licensing partnership. Times Music is a dominant market shareholder in Punjabi, Bollywood, regional and independent music and this deal would result in making Times Music’s diverse repertoire being available for users of the Triller app, across the world. 

All of Times Music’s catalog, with over 56,000 songs is now available on the Triller app, for its massive user base to use the music to create short-form content. 

“Times Music’s diverse catalog and its dominating position in the Punjabi and regional marketplaces, gives Triller a significant advantage to navigate the length and breadth of the country. We are very thrilled to have our entire library on Triller,” said Mandar Thakur, COO, Times Music.

“Times Music, one of India’s leading record music labels represents cultural diversity of Indian Music covering prime languages, among many others. As always our goal is to ease creations and move forward to offer our users with an even larger pannier of music to create and share content with freedom” said Raj Mishra, GM, Triller India

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Get All COVID Related Information on Bobble AI’s Keyboard



Bobble AI has introduced a section on the keyboard called “Covid 19 Resources”that has credible, real-time links providing nationwide information. All Android users who have default Bobble Indic keyboard across all 120+ Indic & international languages, along with IOS and users of Bobble’s regional keyboards (including Marathi, Malayalam, Bangla and Hindi keyboards) can access information with telephone numbers and addresses segregated into sections: oxygen cylinders, concentrators, ICU beds, ventilators, Remdesivir, plasma donors, etc. These are being collated on a real-time basis picked up from government sources and tweets based on Covid related keywords. All Bobble users can share the links with others.  

“The last few weeks have been exceptionally hard, with the second wave of the virus outbreak in the country, and depleting resources. Social media platforms have been filled with people seeking help. Seeing the massive need to provide essential sources of information and resources inspired us to collate a simple and easy-to-share database of important links for Covid-19 related resources. It is time that each organization steps up and contribute in their own way in this hour of grave crisis. ” commented Ankit Prasad, CEO, and Founder, Bobble AI.

Steps to follow

Step 1: Open the conversation where you need to share the leads and select the Fonts option.

Step 2: Select the COVID-19 resources section and share verified covid resources to help others

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