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Here are The Best Indian Short Video Apps You Can Try

The absence of TikTok has created a void in the Indian social media scenario which is now slowly being filled by Indian alternatives. The Indian app developers stepped up to meet the sudden demand of content creators created by ban of ‘Chinese’ apps.  These home grown companies now have the chance to scoop up new users in droves.

Here are the top social apps that are available to content creators and is filling the void after the ban of TikTok

1. Fun 2: An emerging and a new entrant amongst the new-age video-sharing platforms, Fun2 is looking to explore the nuances of Indian culture and diversity. A made in India application for Indian audiences and diaspora, the Fun2 team is working on an intuitive design and a new refreshing experience for both content creators and viewers. With a “content” first and “creator-driven” strategy in place this app aspires to be the go-to destination for both existing and emerging talent.  Audiences & content creators can view, create, and share short as well as long-format videos ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. The technology roadmap for the application includes advanced camera features, a music library, and the use of augmented reality for special effects. Started as a project initiative six months back this platform already has presence of more than 500+ influencers. The Beta version is available in the Google play store with an iOS version and the new design theme with advanced features in the anvil. 

2. Roposo: Founded in 2013, Roposo is another Indian short video platform that has garnered many users over a period of time. It is a platform where people express visually with homemade videos and photos. Catering to users aged between 15 and 35 years, the app offers a TV-like browsing experience with user-generated content on its channels. Users can also use editing tools on the platform and upload their content. With 8.5 crores (85 million) users, Roposo provides a space where users can share posts related to different topics like food, comedy, music, poetry, fashion, and travel. It is available in 15 languages.

3. Insta Reels: Going by early trends, Facebook-owned Instagram’s efforts to cash in on the absence of short videos app TikTok in India hasn’t paid off yet. Similar to TikTok, Reels lets people create short-form videos set to music that can be shared with friends and followers and discovered while browsing the app. It’s the newest opportunity for Instagram to bring in users, increase the amount of time people spend in the app every day, and establish itself as a video entertainment platform. Reels allows people to record videos up to 15 seconds long and add popular music, as well as an array of filters and effects, over top of them. Some of its key features are: One can add music, AR effects, speed up/slow down parts of the video, etc. 

4YouTube Shorts: In a bid to give a tough competition to TikTok, YouTube is testing a new feature on its app that will allow users to upload short video clips on the platform. The new feature will allow the users of the app to record multiple short clips directly on the app and upload the same as one video. If the video is less than 15 seconds, then it can be directly uploaded on the app without going to the mobile gallery. However, if the user has a video longer than 15 seconds then it will need to be uploaded from the gallery of the phone. Currently, the feature is limited for some selected Android and iOS users.Apart from the new initiative, YouTube already allows its users to upload the short videos in the form of YouTube stories on the platform which is also known as Youtube Reels.

5. Aii Social:  Aii social is a first of its kind social media founded by Ankit Chaudhari  which allows users to convert data, social engagement and brand interactions into rewards & payment. Along with content creation and engagement with friends and family, Aii social emphasises on users’ safety and data privacy.  The app is a KYC enabled platform in the social space addressing the issue of social bullying & trolling at the same time. The hybrid platform rewards users for their social interactions and data, tackling hidden user data monetisation as it occurs on other social media platforms where users have never before been rewarded for their data. While the app is released for individual users, Aiisma is also running a beta program for business, brand and influencer partners. The first platform to charge only for the real business to consumer interactions, Aii.Social already has over 50 brands working with it. By 2021, the platform aims to reach 5million+ users and plans to expand geographically to the Middle East with social commerce and games made available on the app.

6. MX Takatak:  Launched on 4th August,  ‘MX TakaTak’ is emerging as a destination for content creators, providing a home-grown platform that brings together India’s short video users and short-form content across genres such as dialogue dubbing, comedy, gaming, DIY, food, sports, memes and many more. Currently, MX Takatak hosts 1Mn+ digital influencers, including audience favorites such as Jannat Zubair, Nisha Guragain and Gima Ashi, who have all chosen to be a part of this large community. MX Takatak has 30 Mn+ video uploads. The platform hosts content in 10 languages including English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. Within weeks of launch, MX Takatak has given a platform to content creators across categories, be it nano micro and macro-influencers who put in a lot of creativity and hard work into their videos, bringing alive their dreams.

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