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Desmania Launches Full Face Protective Gear ‘AARMR’

Under the guidelines of Unlock 5.0, Metros, events, Cinema halls, Schools have been allowed to resume again after 6 months of complete lockdown. People are even ready to travel to nearby locations for vacation. Also, Festival season is about to begin in a few days. But this doesn’t mean that we have overcome the Pandemic. In this new normal, everyone has to wear a mask during regular work all the time. 

On the Prime Minister’s vision of Atman Nirbhar Bharat and ‘Made in India’, Desmania Innovation Labs involved in innovating new products and systems by integrating design thinking and smart technologies has recently introduced the first-ever Full-Face Protective Gear AARMR BREEZ93 (Nanotech Filter) for Travel, Work and Leisure activities and Extra Safe Full-Face Mask AARMR MEDEX99 (Nanosurge Filter) for Healthcare & Medical Professionals. The new models of AARMR is an outcome of extensive research, agile product development, emanating out of design thinking from a highly experienced and creative team of designers. These have been designed to combine a face mask, face shield and goggles to provide comprehensive protection to the infection, pollution and injury.  

AARMR BREEZ93 has 93% PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) for 10 micron particle size, and AARMR MEDEX99 has 98.3% PFE for 0.3 micron particle size, that prevents the user from all the dust and germs present in the air. Nanotech is a single layered filter suitable for use in areas such as offices, malls, public spaces. NanoSurge is a double Layered filter that is suitable for use in spaces with high risk of contamination such as hospitals, dental clinics etc. This full face protective gear has an antimicrobial foam seal that makes it snug with the face for complete sealing. Both the models have a transparent shield that offers a fine blend of protection, comfort and style to the users. These have scientifically designed air passage for ease in breathing and are spacious enough to make the user feel free and comfortable. All materials used in the masks are non-toxic (BPA Free) and are safe to use.  

AARMR is made up of robust unbreakable polymer that prevents any crack in the case of fall. This is airy as well as comfortable to use and has a D-fog technology that prevents the protective gear from becoming foggy during use. It has 3 times the efficacy of the normal mask available in the market. Firstly, it has 360 degree sealing on the face. It has a buckle and elastic strap attached to the gear so that it can fit to any user’s face according to his/her face size. Secondly, it stands on the sustainability tenet of being reusable, durable and can be washed with soap water. It provides a clear vision to the wearer because of the low refractive index of PET.  

“As they say, never waste a crisis, the team at Desmania did not waste a single day brooding over lockdown. As designers, it was our moral responsibility to ideate for the pandemic. AARMR is a product of India, designed and manufactured right here. It is a testimony of our innovative thought process and quick conversion to a practical solution. Looking back in retrospect, we ourselves are amazed with the multiple iterations and testing that we did to evolve the product to this level. It is an innovative fusion of safety, style and emotion. It is a proof of India’s capability to design and produce world class products. Enquiries have been pouring in from all over the world and we in turn are preparing for exponential ramp-up. ‘’Wow’’ has been consistently the first reaction to AARMR, and team deserves a real pat on their back” said Anuj Prasad, Co-founder & CEO of Desmania

There is an inherent modularity developed in the product. This helps in customizing the mask for different user segments with unique needs. People who work in offices can easily wear it and do their work. This is even comfortable for delivery executives, so that it can fit with their helmets. If you want to go for short travel, there is a mask especially designed for travel purposes. The modular design also helps in creating a width along the price points, in order to make them affordable. Desmania is now setting up a global sales network for these masks. Desmania has an evolved design process, innovative design lab and a clear design thinking to offer path breaking and customized design solutions. There are many more solutions innovations in the pipeline.

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