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“Channel Partners Including Small Resellers and Retailers are Our Core Strength”

The role of distribution house is very important for any brands to grow their business in a market like India. There are hardly few distribution companies who have profound channel network across all region, especially in security solution business. VR Infotech, one of the well-known distribution companies based out Mumbai, has helped many brands in this domain to establish their feet in Indian market. Vikram Mehta, Co-founder, VR Infotech recently shared his business plans in 2020 with Telecom Today.

Q: How successfully you achieved your target in distribution business in CY 2019?

A: We had predicted more investments and less ROI in 2019 and this happen to us. 2019 was the year of transformation for our distribution business. To grow further we have invested our resources in getting ready for emerging opportunities. We added few more products, customer and invested a lot in skilled manpower. In 2019, we focused on to address internal structural infrastructure to grow faster in IT industry. We step up investments in new technologies which is future-proof. We have Invested in training and R&D to educate our existing workforce and made them ready for 2020 challenges. In value terms this year growth may be average for us but we explored future business opportunities and enhances our knowledge to set new milestone for 2020.

Q: What is your entire business plan for year 2020?

A: We have seen growing awareness regarding gaming products among large consumer base in India. Overall, we are expecting growth in Gaming and IT security (Now it is Immunity) product range. We are already having consumer security products whereas we are also planning to add industrial security products in our portfolio in 2020. In established market we will extend our reach to every corner of India with the help of our resellers and team members. We are eyeing to penetrate further in smaller towns in 2020. We will also introduce new and updated gaming & security products for consumers. We will target specific industries as well Government projects in 2020 to diversify our portfolio and more avenues to overall growth of our distribution business.

Q: What remains your key business challenge while going forward in year 2020 as well?

A: Due to increase in huge competition, keeping profit at all channel Level (Stockist, wholesaler, Reseller, Retailer) will be very difficult for all of us in 2020. In addition to that online channel is huge threat for traditional channel as vendors have come up with different online strategy to reach directly to customers. I believe every hurdle as an opportunity for new business, in 2020 we will establish call center with local languages to offer excellent quality support to our resellers and consumers with regular product training. By introducing channel scheme’s and mass media marketing, we will assure profit at all levels. We will assure continuous supply and transparency in partnership.

Q: How do you take care of small resellers & retailers who are doing business with you?

A: Channel partners including small resellers and retailers are our core strength. We have very strong channel base who caters to wide geography across India. We have small resellers & retailers in each cities who ultimately help us in selling our products and solutions to large customer base across India. In 2020 we will introduce single price policy which allows us to serve every customer in the best possible way. We will also add more partners by introducing new attractive schemes to sell more in these smaller towns.

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