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Product Review: FINGERS Audio Pods

Wireless earbuds are in huge trend these days, everyone is addicted to them for their entertainment purposes. The increasing entertainment need and increasing sale of smartphones is propelling the demand of this innovative device. Earbuds are a perfect blend of technology and comfort thereby rapidly becoming the first choice for those customers who aspire to have futuristic innovations with them. FINGERS Audio Pods are one of the unbeatable earbuds available in its category as it promises to give an outstanding audio experience to users.


Powered with cutting edge technologies, the feather light TWS earbuds feature a sweat-resistant design with intuitive touch controls and voice assistant to power your day to the next level. The audio pods are built to fit as great as it looks with a pristine white stem design coupled with LED light indicators & angular earbuds. These earbuds are so portable to carry, you can keep them even in your pocket.

The Audio Pods come with an incredible charging time of 20 mins for each ear pod to provide a playback or talk-time of 3.5 hours on a single charge. However, the charging case itself has a big battery as FINGERS says it can provide upto 21 hours of big battery backup! So this is really a good thing because the only issue we face with tech gadgets is running out of battery, but here you are getting a huge 21 hours of playback time so you can use it throughout the day without losing much battery. Weighing in at just 47.6 gms for the case and earbuds, Audio Pods as a package is lightweight and also has dual inputs of Type-C & Micro-USB for convenient charging.

Sound Output

Nowadays we like to hear crispy, noiseless and smooth music that would boost the energy in our day and fill it with joy. Also, most importantly the earphone/earbuds we like to have should fit to our ears easily and provide the maximum convenience. If we look at FINGERS Audio Pods, so it doesn’t disappoint on all such notes and provides an easy and exceptional audio experience on the go. The earbuds offer 10 meters of effective range so you can listen to music despite being away from your smartphone.


The major focus of brands nowadays is on offering deep bass. FINGERS audio pods are following the trend and it offers an outstanding deep bass that further enhances the joy of music. It offers an effective frequency so the bass gets deeper during mids and lows while it often lost on highs. However, the audio quality was well balanced and punchy when we listened to some music tracks on it. It was a quite good experience listening to music with the help of these audio pods, the music was distortion free and gave a good feel.


FINGERS has proved that the best earbuds don’t need to be expensive as despite it boasts an array of smart features, the earbuds will cost you only Rs. 3, 799/- so it will not burn a hole into your pocket.

Major Highlights

  • Huge 21 hours (including case’s battery) of total playback time.
  • Equipped with LED light indicator.
  • The audio pods deliver distortion-free sound for an excellent user experience.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Sticky to ears
  • Brilliant sound output
  • Comfortable and sweat proof design
  • Superior battery backup

Telecom Today Ratings

The FINGERS air pods deliver a brilliant and flawless performance, thanks to its solid frequency and excellent grip over ears. The distortion-free smooth sound and massive playback time are some attention driving qualities of these earbuds. We firmly believe that FINGER air pods can undoubtedly become a good companion for anyone. You can enjoy the bassy music on these earbuds whether you are in the gym, taking a walk, traveling to your office/collage, or sitting in your drawing room. The only thing that disappoints about FINGERS air pods is sometimes it faces connectivity issue. It often gets disconnect from the smartphone and we need to reconnect it. So based on our review and its overall performance, we give FINGERS air pods 3.5 stars out of the 5.


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