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“IT Brand Custodian must Consider 3E’s Principle”

Authored by Mr. Alok Verma, Marketing Head, Tenda India

Advertisement has become a must have thing for every marketing campaign. Every organization and entity is looking towards advertisement for attracting new customers and helping them sell more products and services to existing customers. Advertising helps change outdated or negative perceptions of your business, if needed.  Advertising can also increase visibility within your industry, helping you attract partners that can expand your business.

But with the advent of modern technology such as internet and social media, advertisement has also undergone radical changes. Nowadays, more advertisement content is prepared for social media as it has more traction and attracted more eyeballs.

However with the new form of advertisement coming up, traditional Marketing Rule Of 7P’s has become obsolete. But a new form of advertisement principle has arose that can magnify advertisement content both online and offline. It is called 3E’s Principle of Advertisement Content.

The “3E’s Principle” includes Entertain, Engage and Embrace and brand custodian used in every advertisement campaign.

  • Entertain – Most of the Advertisement campaigns nowadays are focused on entertaining the viewer/listeners by making the content more humorous and fun. It helps in gaining eyes and ear to the message business wants to get them. By this way, the company’s message about their products and services can easily reach their target audience without any hassle.
  • Engage – This stage started after when you have introduced your brand to the potential buyers and want to buy them. For this, you engage with them. The best way practiced today is running contest on social and digital media. These engagements help in creating more interest and awareness about the brand as well as get people talk about the brand.
  • Embrace – The final state is when the target audience buy the product or service as it has been impressed by the brand outreach and offers towards the buyer. After this, the brand should provide extra facilities such as after sales services and less cost maintenance.

Following these 3 Steps, brands can achieve more mileage and can attain more traction. However, old practices such as Outdoor Marketing, Traditional use of old marketing tool such as Public Relations, Brand association should go hand in hand. Also, keeping a sustainable budget in your hand is also important as marketing and advertisement at any given point requires monetary support.

Also, creating a soft image amongst masses is also important. For this monthly or quarterly CSR activities such as charity shows, partner association and recognition events etc should also kept in mind while drafting a brand plan.

With the changing scenario of technology especially in advertising methods, a marketer should rapidly adapt to the needs of the brand on how to reach new customer on a daily basis. Being Traditional in approach cannot help you stay in the market.

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