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“We Plan to Position eScan as a Customer-Centric Brand”

The digitization wave has fast forwarded the speed of growth in our country. We may find this change vey commendable as it gives many positive outcomes in every possible way until and unless we don’t handle it properly and safely. Today, many of us become victim of cyber frauds and loses vital data and personal information. And in many cases, we lose hard earned money also in exchange of getting back our digital assets safely. The prime causes behind all such incidents are the vulnerable security infrastructure or lack of awareness about emerging cyber threats. Negligence with the data protection costs too much in this digital world therefore it is very important to have a robust defense strategy to protect the data from potential cyber threats. Rajeev Ranjan, Editor & Publisher of Digital Terminal interacted with Mr. Govind Rammurthy, Managing Director and CEO, eScan to gain the in-depth knowledge about the overall digital security scenario, their market plans and the imminent solution offerings for combating against the potential threats. Read below the excerpts-

Rajeev: Being a major player in the Indian cybersecurity industry, how is eScan working to strengthen its market position and secure a good market share?

Govind Rammurthy: Being a major player in the Indian cybersecurity industry, we do enjoy a good market share not only domestically but internationally as well. However, at MicroWorld we understand that making progress in different markets and increasing the market share is a continual process. Our marketing is mainly channel focused and we keep introducing various schemes to benefit those who are allied with us, along with the customers we directly or indirectly serve. We have different referral schemes in place to increase our market share, however, we are not limiting ourselves to just the channel. We plan to position eScan as a customer-centric brand. Apart from making our solutions accessible to consumers online, we are also engaging with the end customers in various conversations through different mediums to resolve their queries and to introduce them to a wide range of products from our portfolio. We also elucidate the end customers of the perils that brew in the digital world and educate them about the importance of cybersecurity. Apart from these methods, we bank heavily on the innovations and stability that we bring through our security solutions.

Rajeev: As in recent years we have seen that SMBs are being targeted by cyber-criminals at big level. What major change have you seen among Indian SMBs regarding the adoption of high- level security measures?

Govind Rammurthy: Since SMB’s have found themselves to be in the cross-hairs of cybercriminals more often than not, they have realized that the reactive approach to cyber-attacks can still cost them the functionalities of their business. Such scenarios could tilt their business towards being stagnant while suffering losses.

Consequently, SMB’s have understood that a well-constructed comprehensive data protection plan is the key to success and hence they have majorly invested in an in-depth defence strategy ensuring the continuity of their business and accumulation of profits. This strategy sets focus on effective data backup, security planning, investing in vulnerability management suite and security training. This change in mind- set of the SMB’s is a welcome move as we see them investing, not only in End-Point Security solutions but also in a vulnerability suite as a business and security strategy, towards achieving profits.

Rajeev: Please tell about the existing and upcoming security solution offerings from eScan which can provide the maximum support to the SMBs in combating against data breach.

Govind Rammurthy: In our current portfolio for the SMB’s we offer them eScan Internet Security Suite for Business and eScan Total Security Suite for Business, both of the solutions amongst themselves are formidable defenders and are capable of protecting SMB’s from various cyber threats. These products are armed with features that take care of outbreak prevention, asset management and endpoint security of a small and medium-sized business.

However, on observing how threat actors have exploited the vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure, we have also launched a new solution that addresses the need for vulnerability management christening it as Nemasis – Vulnerability Management Suite.

Rajeev: How do you see the awareness for PC security among common consumers as majority of them are dependent on the free or pirated AVs?

Govind Rammurthy: We find there is a lack of awareness when it comes to free antivirus software. Majority of the users feel that, a free antivirus software and its paid version are the same but it surely is not. A free antivirus might offer you the solace of some basic features of an antivirus but the truth is that you cannot obtain core-level security though a free antivirus software. A free version cannot be used for commercial purposes since it lacks many advanced features that its paid versions may offer. Features like Browser Protection, two-way firewall, and Ransomware protection are found in the paid versions and the same is devoid in the free version.

The crux of the discussion is that if you store any kind of sensitive data on your computer, business-related information or if you carry financial transactions through your computer then you need to opt for a more sturdy security solution.

Rajeev: How do you see the consumption of security solutions among smartphone users?

Govind Rammurthy: There is a surge in the consumption of security solutions among smartphone users, irrespective of the operating system their phone runs on. For a lot of reasons, Mobile security is on top of every organization’s worry list. Since employees now chose to access all their official work data through their phones, there is a higher risk of the organization’s data being exploited via a user’s cell phone. End users are also concerned about the safety of their data given the fact that even a simple hack can siphon the user’s personal data, money and privacy. With their virtual life and real life assets on the line, users are opting for a myriad of security solutions to keep their data safe in this digital age.

Rajeev: What important role traditional partners have played in your journey so far? What all support you provide to partners to help them stay ahead in so competitive market?

Govind Rammurthy: Since MicroWorld’s inception, traditional partners have played a huge role in promoting the key brand messages along with our goals that we envision for the future. Needless to say, we consider our partners as our extended family and we do our best to give them every possible support to ensure they earn a profitable livelihood being associated with us.

Our partners are very crucial cogs in our marketing machinery, which play a very important role in our business module. To strengthen their position in today’s competitive market, we work with our partners on different levels, providing them with sales and lead support. We also provide them with elaborate, technical, marketing and sales training, while arming them with various marketing and branding collaterals. Furthermore, to recognize their efforts we also have various rewards and incentive programs that would motivate them to do well.

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