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“We Are The Premier Player In Cloud Contact Center Space In India”

In the era of digital transformation, everything is getting digitalized and we all are benefited by these advancements in our daily lives. The new technology innovations are creating a better platform for companies and providing them to operate their business in a more organized and effective way. Today companies endeavor to offer the best by knowing what their customers need and what can be the right solutions for them. Ozonetel is one of the brands who has been offering various technological solutions and services to startups and enterprises. DT had an exclusive interaction with Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Innovation Officer at Ozonetel. He spoke about company’s overall journey, offerings, and adoption of new technology among Indian companies.

DT: How has been your journey so far in the Indian market? 

Mr. Chaitanya: The Indian market has been kind to us. We started off by creating a cloud telephony platform for developers and now we are the premier player in the cloud contact center space in India with more than 50,000 agents on our platform. We are also one of the few startups who have more than $5 million in ARR just from customers in India.

DT: Which major services you are offering to your customers in order to run the business more smoothly?

Mr. Chaitanya: Primarily we provide a cloud contact center solution to businesses. Additionally, we also have a cloud telephony platform for developers and also a Cloud PBX solution for SMBs.

DT: How do you see the adoption of cloud telephony among Indian companies?

Mr. Chaitanya: When we started in 2009, cloud telephony was an unheard term in the startup space in India. Now cloud telephony is a mature technology and is accepted by startups and enterprises as well.

DT: Which are the verticals/segment you are targeting majorly?

Mr. Chaitanya: We serve more than 20 verticals. Primarily e-commerce, healthcare, real estate and education verticals use us a lot.

DT: How chatbots and voice bots have revolutionized the customer experience in today’s technology driven world?

Mr. Chaitanya: Chatbots and voice bots have changed the paradigm of customer support and moved it towards automation. Now every business is thinking of which data to collect and how to automate processes so that agent time can be spent on more productive tasks.

DT: Please brief something about KOOKOO. How it helps companies to provide better customer service? 

Mr. Chaitanya: With over 1000 enterprise clients across geographies, Ozonetel’s KOOKOO platform supports over 50,000 live agents and has handled over 3 billion calls. BigBasket, Food Panda are some of Ozonetel’s biggest clients.

CloudAgent – a Call Center Software Solutions that functions as an Inbound and Outbound Call Center. CloudAgent shifts company’s entire Contact Center and its functions into a single browser for them to monitor, track and make critical decisions. Equipped with all contact center functionalities and business intelligence, Cloud Agent ensures that one provide a world-class experience to their customers. Engage with their customers through multiple channels such as voice, email, chat, SMS, and social media.

KOOKOO Interactive Assistant (KIA) by Ozonetel, is a first-of-its-kind widget that enables customer service helpdesks to run voice calls and chat sessions in parallel. The KIA widget integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, Zoho CRM and all other CRM solutions to automatically capture lead details in the CRM.

DT: What are the major challenges for this industry? 

Mr. Chaitanya: The major challenges currently facing the industry are advancements in speech technologies, especially for Indian languages. We have to go a long way before the bots become as efficient as they are in English.

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