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“We Are Now Putting a Stronger Focus on Customer Engagement and Much Wider Reach”

Digital world is creating immense of data every day which need secured and cost-effective management solutions. As per a report, by 2025, it’s estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created each day globally. India, being fastest-growing economy, has also started gearing up to deploy secured and effective data management solutions, especially among commercial establishments.  Dell Technologies, the leader in this domain, has helped large number of companies across India in deploying advanced and effective data management solutions. But as we enter in 2020, the reports are very alarming where more efforts are needed to spread awareness about the importance of this most discussed technical aspects. To know more about this market, Rajeev Ranjan, Editor & Publisher of Digital Terminal had an insightful chat session with Ripu Bajwa, Director & General Manager – Data Protection Solutions at Dell Technologies, India. Read the crucial excerpts below:

Rajeev: How has the Indian Data Protection and Management landscape changed in the past few years? 

Mr. Bajwa: India is transforming into a “digital-first” nation with the rapid developments in the industry dynamics combined with the increase in the dependency on new technologies like AI, ML and IoT for organizations in order to operate their data. According to a study, on an average, organizations in India are managing 6.42 PB of data in 2018 as compared to 2.79 PB in 2016, equivalent to approximately 130% increase. This proves that Indian organisations have understood the value of their data and the need to secure and protect in a cost-effective and methodological manner.

Rajeev: What are the new tech trends we can see in Data Protection Solutions in the Year 2020?

Mr. Bajwa: With the massive amount of data being generated in the country, the need for organisations to protect their data against data loss also increases. Thus, in the coming new decade, it is foreseen that data protection will remain at the forefront. Following are the set of trends that will dominate the data protection landscape in the year 2020.

  • Need for Disaster Recovery: Loss of critical data has the power to cripple any business in no time. Therefore, going ahead, in order to protect their valuable data sets against external outrages or information loss, organisations will look towards imbibing disaster recovery strategies as a form of insurance.
  • 24*7 Data protection: Since most of the business are now operating on 24*7 basis, there has been a significant increase in data generation. As organisations move towards putting more weightage on this data to derive valuable insights, it has become a priority for them to deploy robust data protection solutions which offer round the clock protection. Hence, we will see adaptability of products that create real-time backup and automatically updates to the live data set.
  • Shift towards cost-effective solutions: With the growth of SMBs in the country, demand for data protection solutions is on the rise. There is an increased awareness amongst all businesses, both large and small, regarding the importance of these solutions. Hence, companies will start looking at providing cost-effective and holistic data protection solutions to cater to the needs of SMBs.

Rajeev: Why do you think organizations of all scale should deploy advanced data protection solution?

Mr. Bajwa: While managing and protecting data which is being generated at an increasing rate, organisations at every scale are facing an increase in security threats. Interestingly, a study by Dell Technologies also revealed that about 76% of respondents experienced disruption and 30% experienced irreparable data loss. Hence, it becomes important for organizations to deploy advance data protection solutions.

Rajeev: How does Dell Technologies help organizations protect and manage their valuable and confidential data? 

Mr. Bajwa: We, at Dell Technologies understand the challenges that organisations face while protecting and managing their data being stored in diverse environments. Therefore, we are continuously working towards innovating our solutions and products.

Our latest addition to the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances offers our customers the ability to simplify and provide operational efficiencies for data protection of multi-cloud workloads. Some of its key features are:

  • Faster Performance: With up to up to 38% faster backups and up to 36% faster restores of data
  • Greater Efficiency: Provides up to 1.25PB of usable capacity in a single rack with hardware-assisted compression improving logical capacity by up to 30%, driving up to 65x data reduction
  • Scalability to meet future demands: Provides scalability and grow-in place capacity expansion, ranging from 1 terabyte up to 1.25PB
  • Data Protection for multi-cloud workloads: Provides operational efficiency, resiliency and scalability across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments

Rajeev: What will be your go-to-market strategy for the year 2020?

Mr. Bajwa: To stay competitive in this fast-paced environment where the amount of data being generated is growing exponentially, organizations have been forced to relook into their business models. Dell Technologies is highly focused on providing its customers with an array of cutting edge solutions stitched with constant innovation, to help them drive better business results.

As one of the largest technology brands operating in India, Dell Technologies have been constantly evolving its go-to-market strategy. We are now putting a stronger focus on customer engagement and much wider reach. We do this by deploying a mix of approaches such as direct sales engagement, partner led engagement and distribution led engagement.

Rajeev: What is your outlook on the government’s Personal Data Protection Bill? How will it benefit the individuals?

Mr. Bajwa: With technology getting ingrained in our day to day life, India is witnessing a staggering growth in the number of internet users, leading to data explosion. This has led to an increase in the number of opportunities to exploit personal data. Hence, the Personal Data Protection Bill is a progressive move by the government which will help in protecting user’s data without compromising on data sovereignty. The bill will also encourage organisations of all shapes & sizes, to make privacy and data protection as a core of their business. However, in my opinion, since the bill has not been enforced yet, it is too soon to foresee its implications on both individuals and organizations.

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