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“Our Success in The Market Can Essentially Be Termed As An Accomplishment Of Our Channel Partners”

The IP Surveillance market today is at its peak and it has earned quiet good momentum in recent years. The growing need of accessibility of real time data isremarkably transforming into big opportunities for IP surveillance industry. However there are still some factors that poses big challenge for this industry. VIVOTEK is a market player in this industry that has large range of surveillance products. While interacting with DT, Mr. Sanjeev Gulati, Country Manager – India & SAARC at VIVOTEK commented on the growth of IP surveillance industry of India and about their product portfolio and market plans for India.              

DT: How do you see the growth of IP Surveillance industry in recent years in India? According to you, what is the projected IP surveillance market growth in India?

Mr. Sanjeev: The growth and adoption in India has been magnificent to say the least. There are multiple governing factors that have driven the sales and adoption and this trend isgoing to intensifyfurther to bring IP solutions in a more dominating market position, as they are still overshadowed by outdated analog solutions that have about 68 percent share in the market. Collectively, the surveillance industry has crossed $841 million in terms of its net worth and is experiencing a growth rate of 27.16 percent year-over-year. At present, it is buoyed by a number of other factors such as increased awareness with regard to advanced surveillance, business intelligence, and video analytics and we expect it to become worth $2.4 billion by 2020.

DT: How the growth opportunities are consistently evolving in this industry?

Mr. Sanjeev: Businesses are beginning to realize the importance of IP surveillance solutions and how they add value tothe broader dynamics. Besides transferring advanced monitoring and control capabilities, these solutions are critical in proactively preventing theft and vandalism, assessing performance of employees, ensuring incorporation of service standards, utilizing business intelligence data as well asminimizingand preventing claims such as slip and falls.India’s ongoing digitization has further added impetus to the overall market adoption.

These factors are expanding the scope of IP surveillancesolutions to the fields of retail, education, commerce, transportation, hospitality, and healthcare alongside other market verticals.

DT: Please brief us about your overall range on surveillance cameras.

Mr. Sanjeev: Following an application-focused and market-centric approach, we have expanded our surveillance offerings to meet some of the most diverse use cases based on real-life applications. Our network camera solutions include 360o fisheye cameras, 180o panoramic cameras, fixed dome cameras, PTZ cameras, and bullet cameras. We also have specialized solutions such as people-counting cameras, mobile dome cameras, and license plate capturing solutions.

Apart fromthesenetwork camera offerings, our product and service portfolio also comprises video servers, video receivers, NVRs (Network Video Recorders), self-development VMS (Video Management Software), cloud services, PoE solutions, and accessories such as mounting kits, lens, and power boxes.

DT: What technological advancements are pushing the adoption of surveillance solutions among different industries?

Mr. Sanjeev: Lately, video analytics or so-called video content analysis has come as a harbinger of change for IP surveillance and security solutions amongst different market verticals. This has enabled such solutions to become more effective and has helped businesses adopting them toincrease their productivity. For instance, the deployment of security and surveillance products is never the final solution for ensuring security.Such deploymentsare just a mere beginning. We have to make certain that security personnel constantly monitor the security feed and when an escalation occurs, they timely respond to it. However, this leaves us prone to human errors and omissions. Itcan create a considerable dent on our security, and this is despite using the most sophisticated systems. Video analytics, in this regard, helps us to program the solution based on across-the-board use cases that it has to achieve – whether it is security, control, performance analysis, threat mitigation, quality enforcement, or any other – thereby preserving the effectiveness of the deployed solutions. Moreover, 360o solutions havehelped minimize the pre- and post-deployment costs that are usually experienced by businesses. A single solution can replace about 4 regularcamerasand also decrease the bandwidth, license and storage requirement since a single video feed needs to be transmitted. The business ecosystem has also displayed its sensitivity to cybersecurity implications, as they can have serious business repercussions. Businesses are readily upgrading their systems to the ones that have an advanced layer of cybersecurity within them.

DT: How do you assure your customers that VIVOTEK’s surveillance solutions are the best? What is the USP of VIVOTEK?

Mr. Sanjeev: In response to the possibilities offered by the rising trend of IoT, VIVOTEK aspires to become the Eye in IOT by drawing on its expansive technological capabilities in image and audio.VIVOTEK is a global leading brand that has global deployments that include traffic monitoring projects in India, Warplane Heritage Museum in Canada, automated Skytrain surveillance in Taiwan, UNESCO-recognized National Library of Latvia, and one of the world’s seven wonders, the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. Our wide-ranging deployments, by themselves, serve as an evidenceof how VIVOTEK’s product offerings have a differentiating factor within them, considering even some of the most diverse use cases.

Three strategies in 2018 are highlighted, AI plus cybersecurity, vertical market penetration and glocalization. And we elaborate more about the first strategy here. To think out of box and stay in competitive edge, VIVOTEK developed its new edge-computing network cameras with deep-learning technology. These smart cameras are able to reduce false alarm and analyze the video proactively, and transferring video data to useful user insights.

Moreover, IDC market research predicts an overall volume of 30 billion devices connected via internet by 2020.This trend also applies to more and more IP surveillance network cameras are exposed to the internet, and therefore cybersecurity has become an emerging challenge in IP surveillance industry. Hence, VIVOTEK announced the strategic partnership with Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions in the early of this year. VIVOTEK is the world first IP surveillance solution provider, offering cutting-edge network cameras which are embedded with Trend Micro’s anti-intrusion software.The debut of our cybersecurity-defense solution has shown VIVOTEK’s commitment of providing our valued customers with the highest quality and most reliable products.

DT: Brief about the channel’s role in the success of your solutions across India.

Mr. Sanjeev: VIVOTEK believes in democratization and hastherefore based itsdistributor channel to business model system integrators and end-users. So, our success in the market can essentially be termed as an accomplishment of our channel partners. They have not only promoted our products and services, but have also provided us with critical market insights and first-hand customer feedback, both of which have helped us in further developing and evolving our offerings accordingly. VIVOTEK, realizing the role of these partners, has frequently conducted technological awareness initiatives, workshops, as well as partnerfelicitations and recognitions, so that their interactions with customers remain as they stand to be at present –simply perfect.

VIVOTEK Warrior Academy is a global education initiative created by VIVOTEK. Operated by a team of dedicated staff at VIVOTEK, the program provides comprehensive courses for fundamental knowledge, system design, and technical details essential for IP surveillance systems. As the market for surveillance technology becomes increasingly competitive, we need to continuously sharpen our skills, refresh our knowledge and strengthen our networks in order to stay at the top of the industry.

DT: What are your targets by end of this financial year 2018-19?

Mr. Sanjeev: It will always be our target to keep global business profitable. We have achieved remarkable 30% YoY growth of US$190.97 million in 2017. We hope to grow steadily at a rate of5% to 10% per year. The overall growth in the field of surveillance boosted our base at a remarkable pace.

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