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“Our Clients Benefit from Our Rich CRM Expertise Spanning Over 50+ Years”

Today’s marketplaces are rapidly becoming very competitive and to survive in this competitive space, service play very crucial role. Companies endeavour to offer best in class service to retain its customers and make them loyal for brand. The role of technology becomes very important because several technologies provide essential inputs that help in understanding the consumer behaviour and hence serving them at best. Majorel is catering the companies with its technology solutions to escalate their growth. DT in a recent chat with Mr. Aditya Kashyap, India CEO of Majorel shared his journey so far and the support they provide to their clients.

DT: How has been the journey of Majorel so far? How did you grow throughout this journey?

Mr. Aditya: Majorel came into being in January 2019 when Bertelsmann and Saham joined hands to create a leading customer service organization with revenues of €1.2 billion. Majorel brings together the rich heritage of Arvato CRM Solutions, Phone Group, ECCO Outsourcing and Pioneers Outsourcing making it a global customer experience leader with 500+ global clients spread across 28 countries. Majorel’s 48,000 employees share the same values and we capitalize on our joint expertise, experience, and resources to give our clients the most efficient, effective and enjoyable outsourcing experience.

DT: How Majorel is supporting the eCommerce companies across India? What support do you provide them to work more aggressively into this industry?

Mr. Aditya: We work with some of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world. Our clients benefit from our rich CRM expertise spanning over 50+ years and our deep understanding of consumer behaviour. Majorel also focusses deeply on new age customer service by combining the best of people and technology to provide an always-on, hyper-personalized experience which the e-commerce customers of today demand.

DT: Please brief about the services you provide? Which technology solutions do you offer to help them in getting growth momentum?

Mr. Aditya: We provide customized solutions for our clients to support them throughout the customer journey. Our services span from the traditional contact centre services to lead generation and customer loyalty programs. To ensure that the experience for customers is completely standardized we also provide digital marketing and events services.

Our analytics solutions like 360-degree customer intelligence, customer lifecyle manager, RPA enable us to deliver high growth targets on behalf of our clients.

DT: What is your business roadmap for FY 2019? What are your objectives for the Indian market?

Mr. Aditya: Our plan is to create a customer experience leader which helps clients with end-to-end CX management from customer acquisition to retention. We plan to heavily focus on digital solutions to provide time-relevant customer experience. The future of customer service is highly dependent on AI and automation and you will see us focus a lot on these two capabilities this year. You will also see us opening new centres in India very soon and growing rapidly.

DT: What are your investment plans to boost your presence across tier II and III cities in India?

Mr. Aditya: We feel the new consumers are going to be based in Tier-2, Tier-3 and rural clusters of India. They are a top priority for us and we are already in the process of recceing potential tier-2 and tier-3 locations where we plan to launch a new centre.

DT: How AI & Automation is becoming a source of survival in today’s marketplace?

Mr. Aditya: In the past 10 years, we have seen customer service evolve at an unmatched pace. At some level, this has been due to the growing customer demands. Now, we will witness even more inclusion of AI and Automation till they intrinsically become a part of how service is provided. Using these technologies not only helps deliver a delightful customer experience but will also save a lot of money and help generate revenue for the company.

AI and Automation will become so commonplace, that if you are not using these technologies in some way to deliver service, there is a chance that you will be left behind.

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