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“MSI GAMING Will Keep Committing To Provide Gamers With Innovative Gaming Rigs”

The esports industry all across the world is swiftly growing and it is seeing only ups in its growth chart. This market has great potential because of the unprecedented advancements in technology. Youngsters are now creating their career into this industry as a professional gamer. Esports industry in India has seen massive growth in recent years hence leading brands who are catering this industry are coming up with an aggressive approach. To know further know how MSI is planning to leverage the coming opportunities, DT spoke to Frank Hsu, Regional Manager of Pan-India, MSI. Read below the insights.

DT: What are your plans to support growth of gaming market in India in coming months?

Mr. Frank: No matter how fast the market grow, the plan will still be as usual: Providing More Attractive Gaming Equipment to Gamers.However, MSI had already foreseen the growth of India gaming market in past few years. More investment on both marketing and sales related funding is a must.But the most important thing is MSI GAMING will keep committing to provide gamers with innovative gaming rigs and an open community to share collective gaming wisdom.You can expect to see more events, channels, new features…etc. of MSI happen in India as well.

DT: How do work with gamers to boost their confidence in taking gaming as serious career opportunities?

Mr. Frank: More and more professional game show or event happened this year. Gaming will be a rising star as occupation for sure. However, gamers not only need a game to play but also a stage to show their skill. We’ve held over 50 gaming events in 2018 to create the stage for these gaming talents. More opportunities for them to show, more confidence they can earn. Also, we routinely hold campus event with NVIDIA & Unity to share not only gaming skills but also technical knowledge on gaming. Through these event we can surely create more interaction between these gamers, sharing the experiences and improving themselves on gaming together. For them, game together always make better.

DT: What all products do you have to offer serious gamers?

Mr. Frank: As a lead in gaming industry, we’re proud to say that we provide the most comprehensive gaming product lineup to all the gamers. The most well-known product from MSI should be our gaming laptops! Aim on leading the innovation in gaming field, we’re always the first to release the products equipped with the latest and unique feature. For example, we are the first to put a mechanical keyboard into a laptop in 2015! Besides, considering the portability, we have released series of laptops with slim & light design to make more gamers can game with their best weapon while traveling around.

Moreover, motherboards, graphic cards, gaming monitors, gaming gears…etc., we’ve also provided abounds of gaming related products for making better experience on gaming. We’re deeply convinced that gamers always deserve the best!

DT: How do you support your channel partners to make them more aware about upcoming huge business opportunities in gaming Industry?

Mr. Frank: For all of channel partner with passion to join in gaming industry, we’ll surely be aggressive on omni-support including sales, marketing, shop decoration…related assistance. MSI are serious on partnership especially on co-creating better market with channels. From in to out, there’ll be a full-pack strategy as support indeed. What’s more, the best way to remind channel about the opportunities of market is directly showing them how the potential looks like. That’s why we keep holding gaming event at least 10 times in a quarter with channel partners.

We bring them abounds of attendee with passion on gaming, and for sure, these are also potential on business for them. On another hand, we always share the latest concept with technical know-how with partners to make sure they have aligned with us on marketing strategy. The simpler message we spread to the market, the easier to let the gamers accept.

DT: How do you maintain your market leadership and keep working to capture more market share in near future?

Mr. Frank: There’s no tips for maintain the leadership in gaming field. The only thing we keep persisting on is always provide the best to gamers. We routinely held community event for understanding the inquiries from gamers. No matter products, experience or even environment, we always try our best to fulfill the inquiries from them. Growth of market share isn’t our goal, we aim on build a better gaming ecosystem.

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