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“Marg ERP Has Opened Authorized MARG ERP Service Centres Across India”

With the one-year completion of GST, there have been changes in the way of doing business in the whole country. Regular modifications in the Technology has played a key role and has helped in bringing significant reduction in the prices of software while the accuracy of compliance has been greatly enhanced. Marg, the leader in providing excellent & affordable ERP solutions, has helped huge number of customers shifting to new tax system during post GST era.  Sudhir Singh, Co-founder & Managing Director (Sales & Marketing), Marg Compusoft Pvt. Ltd. is the man behind brands success in acquiring large customer base in last one year. In an exclusive chat with DT, Mr. Singh shared his entire channel roadmap for year 2019.

DT: How has the year 2018 been for you?

Mr. Sudhir: Marg ERP has also taken special steps to enhance itself from its present technology stage and has upgraded its ERP module which has helped them in major tie-ups with pharma and manufacturing giants adding. Marg ERP has always believed in serving the MSMEs and SMEs across the nation and in a major tie-up with ICICI bank has initiated small and medium-size businesses to initiate vendor & salary payments via RTGS, NEFT, IMPS directly from this. In today’s global economy, companies of all sizes are establishing operations in a foreign market and Marg ERP Ltd has expanded its presence in African nations and is soon going to set up its regional office in Kenya.Not only that we have also become more focused on word of mouth advertisement which has helped us in reaching out to more prospective associations/trade bodies and showcases the beauty of the product then assist the customer to adopt the product effectively. Finally, these customers recommend us to other customers, that’s our Mantra to get the new market.

DT: How are you currently working with your partners to strengthen your market position?

Mr. Sudhir: As an organization specializing in business-oriented software, Marg ERP is helping transform the way customers manage business accounting to reap maximum. Looking at the need for large-scale technology adoption both by hardware and software, Marg ERP has opened authorized MARG ERP service centres with the help of local partners across India.  With a pan India presence and multiple regional offices, Marg has augmented its workforce with the addition of 5000 trained professionals. It has also set up authorized Marg ERP Service Centres with the help of local partners, in a different part of the country. The company has acquired 1,000 such partners in TIER I and 10,000 partners in TIER II cities.

DT: What is your overall roadmap to escalate your growth further in CY 2019?

Mr. Sudhir: Initiatives taken in the last two years have strengthened the pace of activity and to escalate growth further in CY 2019 Marg ERP will be launching some of its new products and solutions which will be different for all the four quarters and all these solutions will commence in different phases. The company will work closely with its experienced staff personal and private companies to develop a new research ecosystem and tap the full potential of technological innovation. These innovations will be particularly beneficial to SMEs, which often don’t have the resources to invest in sophisticated facilities.

DT: What are your suggestions to policymakers to counter any existing business challenges in ICT information and Communication technology market? 

Mr. Sudhir: The most valuable suggestions to policymakers will be on enhancing the quality of services and decreasing the overall costs. The introduction and employment of ICT in developing countries like India, however, has not been as fast and effective as in developed nations and needs to be focussed to check facts like legal deficiencies, poor technical infrastructure, social barriers or lack of skilled human resources. Another crucial problem to be tackled includes inappropriate academic curriculum or ineffective educational programs which need to be shaped & re-engineered so that proper educational programs is required.

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