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“I Am Extremely Happy That Acer Retained No.1 Position in the Indian Gaming Market”

PC Gaming market saw huge growth in year 2017 due to strong demand from entry level gamers and professional gamers. All brands introduced abundant new products in Indian market to tap emerging opportunities. But Acer already took the leadership position in Indian Gaming PC Market recently. Now the brand enjoys number one position in India but it all has been achieved by perfect product positioning and excellent market strategy. Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO & Consumer Business Head, Acer India is the man behind this   recent success in Indian gaming PC market. DT interacted with Mr. Panigrahi recently to know his response over this huge achievement and upcoming channel plans.

DT: Now, Acer has become number one Gaming PC brand in India. Your quick comment for this achievement.

Mr. Chandrahas: I am extremely happy that Acer has retained No.1 position in the Indian gaming market by growing the market share across our gaming products. We ended Q4 2017 by becoming No.1 in PC gaming and we continue the strong growth in 2018 by retaining our No.1 position. This is a result of Acer’s strong focus on innovation and commitment in offering cutting edge gaming products to Indian customers. Acer India has been at the forefront of pushing PC gaming envelop with our Predator and Nitro series and we are grateful to our fans, our partners and our customers for their constant support that has helped us achieve this milestone once again.

DT: What all efforts you believe had worked in your favour? Can you please share the entire roadmap? 

Mr. Chandrahas: Constant innovation and competitive pricing have been the key factors that has helped us achieve this milestone in both the quarters – Q4 2017 and Q1 2018. When we launched Predator series in India, our aim was to bring in exceptional products for both serious gamers and enthusiasts that to at an unbeatable price range. We got overwhelming response from professional gamers, tech experts and customers when we launched predator series laptops and accessories in India for the first time. We made PC gaming even more accessible by introducing the budget Nitro gaming series. Our gaming monitors have seen phenomenal response and now we have full line of gaming accessories including headset, mouse and bags. Constant engagement with gaming community helped us build a Predator fan community and grow enormously. Acer has been working towards building strong foothold in the Indian gaming industry. Recently at Acer Global Press Conference 2018 in New York, the company introduced exceptional powerful gaming laptops, desktops and accessories like Acer Predator Helios 500 laptop, Predator Orion 5000 desktop, Cestus 510 gaming mouse and Predator gaming chair.

DT: Which are the key Acer gaming PCs doing extremely well in the market?   

Mr. Chandrahas: Our key gaming products are Predator and Nitro laptops and Orion desktops. We also have high end gaming monitors under Predator series. They have been doing extremely well. Our gaming laptop has 37% market share and Predator monitor is the monitor of choice in tournaments and for gamers.

DT: How do you engage your brand with Gamers? What all awareness and support you provide to gamers community?

Mr. Chandrahas: We do lot of outreach programs to gamers and customers. From international gaming tournaments like Predator Gaming League to grass root level activation to bring up the gaming community and tie-ups with our partners to educate our customers on gaming products Acer is actively present to develop this community. We are also sponsors of some of the biggest e-sports tournaments in the world bringing awareness to our Predator brand.

DT: How do you assure better after sale support to gaming PCs consumer? 

Mr. Chandrahas: With a customer centric approach, we are committed to achieve high-level customer satisfaction.  Acer has always aimed to increase customer service levels by continually improving service efficiencies and the effectiveness of the Service Management System. Not gaming, but for all our products we have taken a multiple initiatives in order to provide best services to customers. Our customer service initiatives includes – 24/7 support through online technical portal,  diagnostic call centres, providing standby unit to customers in case of delay, on-site PAN India support, Priority channel Queue for Key customers at Call Centre for quick access and resolution and more.

DT: How do you see the role of channel partners in doing overall extremely well in Indian market?

Mr. Chandrahas: Our partners have trusted Acer as a brand over the years and they know Acer as a brand who offers cutting-edge technology. We worked closely with them to sell our gaming range products, through their support; we saw a great traction in the India gaming market. More and more gamers got chance to experience our products and understood the clear superiority against other brands. Our partners have played a crucial role in positioning Acer as a leader in the technology segment and has remained the key medium for us to reach our audience. We are extremely grateful to them for believing and supporting us throughout our journey. We have launched a Predator Club for our select set of partners and have set up a dedicated set of resources to grow business through channel community.

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