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“eMudhra Enjoys More than 45% Market Share in India Currently”

Digital transformation is key concern for any company irrespective of their sizes. There are a lot of elements which needs to be taken care for any organisation who wish to have digital transformation journey. To have secured digital certificate is one of the top requirements for such companies. eMudhra, one of the leading brands in this domain, has been always ahead in providing secured digital certification services to large customer base across India. Biju Varghese, SVP, Enterprise Solutions, SAARC & APAC, eMudhra interacted recently with Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal (DT) and shared company’s overall growth and future plans.  

DT: How do you see eMudhra supporting Digital Transformation movement in India?

Mr. Varghese: eMudhra have created a range of solutions and services around PKI (Digital Trust) and we have created the reach in terms of taking them globally. We have also verticalized the same for multiple applications. This reach, range and verticalization mantra is very powerful and provides fuel to our growth. Our strategic objective is to stay relevant and to empower digital transformation of organisations keeping in mind what their customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage to what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation.

DT: How significant do you see eSignature adoption in India across verticals?

Mr. Varghese: According to a report published by KPMG and Google, digital companies in India grow their profits twice as fast as offline companies. eSignatures represent one of the biggest opportunities to accelerate this shift towards digitization. Contrary to popular belief, eSignatures have been legally valid in India for over 18 years now: the Information Technology Act (IT Act), passed in 2000, granted eSignatures the same legal status as handwritten signatures. With companies being encouraged to adopt the latest digital technologies as part of the Digital India initiative, there has been a recent increase in eSignature adoption. Banking and Financial services, Government departments, Manufacturing companies, IT/ITES companies, etc. have significantly adopted eSignatures for various use cases to achieve presence less, paperless ecosystem. In the coming years, more and more applications will adopt eSignatures to improve process efficiencies and turnaround time.

DT: How do you assure the best data security/authentication process for your customer?

Mr. Varghese: With the emphasis on electronic transactions, the usage of presence less and paperless transactions have increased by many fold. Conventional methods of passwords and OTP have become inadequate to safe this kind of transactions as they were not backed by identity verification by trusted third party. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) where identity of the person is coupled with encryption to take care of authenticity of presence less and paperless transactions have emerged as de-facto standard to secure transactions in an integrated digital society and create digital trust. PKI also has the backing of the United Nations Model Law along with legislative backing in several countries.

DT: Can you please brief about eMudhra client base & market share?

Mr. Varghese: eMudhra has large customers including many Fortune 500 companies, large Banks and Insurance Companies, Central and State Government departments, Defense forces, Manufacturing companies, etc. across the globe. eMudhra enjoys more than 45% market share in the digital certificate issuance market in India currently.

DT: How do you sell your solutions to organisations? Do you follow the channel distribution model?

Mr. Varghese: We use a mixed approach to reach out to our esteemed customers. We have our direct sales champions catering to the vivid requirements of the customers. eMudhra also has a strong partner network with spread across length and breadth of the country through which we reach out to the customers.

DT: What would be your future investment plans to tap the upcoming opportunities?

Mr. Varghese: The industry around PKI and digital transformation is at the cusp of explosive growth globally. With our solutions addressing the need of the hour in the market, with our range, reach, and verticalization and with our focus on working towards building digital trust globally, we are hopeful of achieving good growth in the coming years.

DT: How do you take care of after-sale support for the existing set of customers?

Mr. Varghese: eMudhra provides round-the-clock support services to our global customers including voice, telephonic and email support. Customers can raise service tickets on our web platform which will be addressed based on priority.

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