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Lamberghini is One of the Most Heard Songs on Alexa in 2019

From being an entertaining guest, Alexa, in the last 1 year has definitely become an integral family member in Indian households. Right from letting you listen to on-demand music, sharing news, creating to-do lists, reminders to playing audiobooks, providing weather, traffic updates, and even controlling your smart home, Alexa has done this and more. And she is only getting better! No wonder Indians are so curious to know how Alexa is doing!

In 2019, Indian customers interacted with Alexa millions of times each week!

Here’s a look at some of the most engaging interactions India had with Alexa in 2019:

  • Indians asked ‘’Alexa, how are you’’ 8 times every minute and “Alexa, kaisi ho?’’ 3 times every minute in 2019!
  • Alexa emerged as the most eligible bachelorette in India in 2019. Indians confessed their love once every minute by saying, “Alexa, I love you” and asking “Alexa, will you marry me?” at least once every second minute.
  • On-demand music is no doubt one of the most liked quality of Alexa. In 2019, Alexa got over 1000 songs requests every minute!
  • Hanuman Chalisa, Baby Shark, and Lamberghini were the top requested songs to Alexa in 2019. Hanuman Chalisa -was played more than 4 times every minute, Baby Shark was played 3 times every minute and Lamberghini was played twice every minute in 2019.
  • Sure, Alexa has a great voice. But did you know she can make animal sounds too? In fact, they are so good, that customers asked for them over 10 times every minute in 2019.
  • Alexa has been quite the storyteller. And now with a bank of Hindi stories as well, she narrated at least one story in Hindi every minute last year.
  • Introducing Alexa, your new sous chef! Armed with recipes from some of India’s leading culinary experts, she helped over 1000 customers to cook every day in 2019.
  • From the speed of light, to why water is wet, and why is the sky blue, Alexa helped Indians with at least 50 factual questions every minute in 2019!



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