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eSports Platform Junglee Games Crosses 25 Million User Mark

Junglee Games announced that it has reached the 25 million users milestone and is leading charts in the top skill-based card games in India. The company has more than doubled its player base in the last 6 months, from 10 million last year to more than 25 million today.

Commenting on the positive growth of Junglee’s user base, Ankush Gera, Founder and CEO of Junglee Games said, “Skill games like rummy and chess have a long history associated with our culture, and these are the games which stem from childhood memories. We are delighted to have a global community of 25 million users and we are set to acquire 10- 15 million more players by the end of the financial year. With focus on user feedback, we try to provide our users with the best online gaming experience.”

In the last 5-6 years, the skill gaming industry has grown from an industry worth $20 Mn to an industry worth $500 Mn. Large part of that revenue is generated by the industry that is driven by two games of skill genres — Rummy and Fantasy Sports. The game of Rummy is one of the most popular card games in the western and southern states of India and has always enjoyed a special position of being a family game. Today with tech intervention in the form of smartphones, portable devices like tablets, laptops – have made online Fantasy Sports and Rummy approachable to many people digitally.

“India stands among the top five countries in the gaming world with consumers spending over eight hours in a week over gaming. Rummy Is a very India- centric game, which we have all grown up playing, be it in rural cities or in metros like Mumbai. It is widely played by both the young and the old. The industry is poised for growth. It is still in very early stages but it is growing at 50-100% year on year.” says Vidushpat Singhania, Managing Partner from Krida Legal. 

While building games that entertain the masses, Junglee Games goes way beyond being simply another gaming company. Junglee Rummy, the flagship product of Junglee Games, has seen a meteoric rise in its user-base growth across the nation with its innovation, value-driven culture, and the user experience it creates and offers.

Jay Sayta, Founder at, comments, “I have been following and writing about this industry for the past 9 years and have observed tremendous growth in the past couple of years due to increasing smartphone and 4G internet penetration. Trusted and credible gaming platforms have acquired millions of players in the last couple of years and seen tremendous traction in the past few years.”

Anuradha Ramnarayan, a coach based in Pune said, “I was introduced to the game by my father and have been playing the game for many years. The game apart from being entertaining, refreshes the mind while helps improving cognitive skills. Seeing the cognitive benefits of the game, I advise my Engineering students to engage in the game of Rummy when they wish to take short breaks from their study sessions.”

Among gaming enthusiasts, there are many entrepreneurs and business leaders find skill based games such as Rummy beneficial for them. Rohan Malhotra, Founding Partner and Tech Investor at Investopad finds, “Rummy is very engaging since it involves application of strategy and memory to win the game against your opponents. Similar to investing, it’s about making the right plays at the right time and fulfills a deep intellectual craving.”

Harsh Shah, Co-Founder at Fynd adds, “I have nostalgia attached to rummy. I used to play the game with my siblings when I was young. Now that we don’t have the luxury of time and are separated by distance, we often play Junglee Rummy on weekends and log in from different locations of the world. This helps us recharge our minds after a long day’s work, feel rejuvenated and remember our childhood days.”

Founded in 2012, Junglee Games operates from San Francisco and Delhi, and has over 250 employees between San Francisco, Hong Kong, Austria, India, Vancouver, Argentina and Poland. Junglee Games has paved the way for a new class of game where gaming enthusiasts can win prizes and cash. Overall, it is helping build a community of players who use their cognitive skills and allow users to compete with real players from across the country.

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