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ASIRT Hosted Two Highly Informative Techday Events

The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT), organised two highly engaging and informative Techdays, in August and in September. The highlight of both the events was a perfectly curated mix of sponsor partner presentations and Evolve sessions by dynamic speakers, which left the Members well informed and inspired. While TeamViewer showcased their range of remote support solutions, HP presented the wide range of laptops, desktops and also launched the exclusive Chromebook on Celeron, at the Techday platform of ASIRT.

As a German Company started in 2005, TeamViewer have been pioneers in the Remote Support and Access field, boasting of over 2 Billion installations across the globe today. Since its launch in India in January 2019, it has already been making significant progress in the market. Mr. Sandipam, Head – enterprise and SMB Sales, TeamViewer, India, showcased the core product offerings and their range of innovations. The Remote Support, which is one of the core products, offers three variants to customers. These include TeamViewer core (for a single user license), Corporate (for upto 35-40 member team license), and Tensor or Enterprise solutions (for multiple users seeking to connect simultaneously to multiple customers). TeamViewer Pilot offers VOIP based remoter support. Remote Management is the next set of key offering that involves asset management, end point protection, and back-up. This is often provided along with Remote Support or even individually. The latest in their offering is the IoT set of connectivity platform that further offers options to connect various devices which can be connected and managed remotely and comes in a Plug & Play format.

The evolve speaker for the evening was the very charismatic Ms. Zenobia Khodaiji, a TedX speaker and a Manifestation Expert. Diving deep into the power of our sub-conscious minds and thought processes, Zenobia showcased how small changes in thinking and words used to express our thoughts, can make a difference in a person’s personal and professional life. Further, she highlighted the significance and power of manifestation and how, as entrepreneurs, Members can utilise these to achieve success in their business.

The next sponsor partner, HP presented their range of consumer products to the partners. Showcasing their range of Consumer Desktop and Laptop Solutions for individual consumers and SOHO buyers, Mr. Ramesh Payla, Regional Manager, Mumbai, HP India, spoke about their latest offerings in laptops and desktops across age-groups and professional/ personal use category. With a renewed focus to push this market that usually deals with smaller volumes, team HP also showcased special rates and discounts for partners, ahead of the festive season. The highlight of the evening was the launch of the Google Chromebook on Celeron, which is exclusively marketed by HP. Talking about the features and the ease of connectivity and touch application, Mr. Payla showcased the Android like applications and how the product offered ease of operation, especially to the elderly, who are more attuned to using the Android smartphones.

Speaking about their growth plans and the marketing focus for the year, Mr. Payla said, “HP has a unique business model, where Retail and Commercial businesses are different. Recently, with the rapid increase in the SOHO businesses and the large number of Start-up’s, who have smaller buying capacity, we felt the need to re-evaluate our business models to accommodate these trends. As our focus now, we aim at catering to this fast growing market via our retail business arm. With enhanced service offerings and special benefits and assurance to Channel Partners, we aim to leverage this opportunity of growing our consumer segment through the SI and IT Retailer community. And we could not have found a better platform for this than ASIRT. We have been coming to ASIRT time and again, whenever we have anything special to offer to the SI community and ASIRT Members have enthusiastically stood by us. We look forward to yet another supportive collaboration.”

The next speaker for the evening was ITIL Expert and Business Transformation Coach, Mr. Rajiv Andharia, who shared insights into managing and growing ones business systematically. Through insightful examples of brand success and failures, Mr. Andharia spoke about the significance of vital aspects of business and how one, as an entrepreneur, needs to pay attention to it to ensure success. From focusing on core competencies and driving marketing campaigns around the same to the significance of continuous learning and innovation to drive growth, the evolve session covered the entire lifecycle of the brand. The insightful session as followed by an enthusiastic Q&A which spilled over to the networking dinner conversations! The evening was very well received and appreciated by Members, Sponsor Partners and guest speakers alike.

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