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Tally Solutions Emphasizes on The Importance of Automation Across Segments And Industries

Tally Solutions announced it plans to assist businesses across segments for a seamless transition to automation. To reach out to maximum MSMEs, Tally is hosting has taken an approach of various segment specific engagements to be done periodically in the region. These engagements will be focused on segment relevant information, addressing their challenges and discussion around solutions.

With over 2000 enterprises working under auto parts industry in Pune and nearby cities, 30% of these are small and medium businesses which includes both two-wheeler and four-wheelers dealers. However, the automation adoption is less than 50%. In fact, electrical equipment segment, which is the second prominent segment in Pune, also has a low-tech adoption, while the community has over 1000 businesses working in this segment. Due to low digitization, these segments face a lot of challenges around inventory management, cash flow, credit management, data management and above all compliance.

The company has therefore associated with respective associations to reach out to the business owners. Through these events, Tally will highlight the efforts of SMEs in keeping pace with day to day accounting, inventory and compliance needs and how technology will bring in more efficiency, cost savings, better customer experience, data security and more on real time basis. In addition, the various reports on cash, stock and tax management available in Tally, also assist in taking critical business decisions confidently.

Speaking about the various efforts by Mr. Samir Dixit, General Manager West Zone, Tally Solutions said “Pune is one of the key industrial cities in the state with significant growth opportunities available especially in the auto parts and electrical segment. While these segments have shown significant growth over the years, coupled with right resources and the use of technology the potential is immense. We at Tally, work towards providing product and technology which is latest, relevant, futuristic, simple and hassle free to use.”

“Our efforts are concentrated around highlighting the importance and various benefits automation can bring to various sectors. Hence, to enable a stronger outreach, we have collaborated with the local associations to emphasize on the subject. We also work with Chartered Accountants who directly engage with these businesses and can help impart the importance of digitization to these businesses,” he further added.

The brand has a strong presence across the state and especially in Pune through its widespread partner ecosystem. These partners and resources are product and domain experts to address every query related to the segment. With over 100 partners present in Pune and nearby districts Tally ensures customer delight, the company’s topmost priority. In addition, the brand also conducts cluster events, industry and trade association events, one to one customer engagements etc for continuous engagement.

Processes like cash flow management, managing stock, compliance and accounting can easily be managed with the help of automation. Along with enhancing the business efficiency through better relationships with suppliers and customers, better management of money and better utilization of stock, automation also provides ample time for business owners to concentrate on increasing the productivity and expanding the business. While traditionally these processes were done manually, it was cumbersome, inefficient and error-prone. To succeed in a highly competitive world, reliable systems are the need of the hour and automation is the solution.

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