Sunday , January 19 2020
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Rajeev has witnessed the growth of technology across all verticals since he started his career in journalism. With a vast experience of almost 11 years in the technology market in India, he has worked closely with the industry leaders and has been part of this revolution in IT & communication market in India. He started his career as an entrepreneur in 2009 in the technology world. Currently, he is Director of News Dot Media Pvt. Ltd., Chief Editor for Digital Terminal (Magazine & Online) &  

Product Review: Digisol DG-GS1528HP/C Switch

The evolving technologies are playing a very instrumental role in boosting the digital transformation wave in the country currently and the networking brands have bigger role to play in this journey. The entire concept is based on flawless internet connectivity for better digital world. Getting better networking solutions remains one of the top challenges for most of the organisations who ...

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Product Review: Tenda AC8 AC1200 Dual-Band Gigabit Wireless Router

Today, when the market is flooded with n number of routers, we got an opportunity to Review the latest from Tenda family; Tenda AC8, a high-performance Wi-Fi router that supports dual-band (one 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). One of the interesting offerings is the Wi-Fi App that helps in viewing/accessing real-time management of the network. Looks like AC8 seems a ...

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“We Will Continue To Focus On Bringing The Next-Gen Collaboration Technology To Our Customers”

Organizations of all sizes are swiftly shifting their approach to make the utmost use of modern technological solutions to boost their productivity. The working culture has drastically changed and companies are deploying advanced collaborative solutions in their workspaces to increase work efficiency. Organizations have started realizing the significance of technology and are adopting such next-gen technology solutions in a quest ...

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WhatsApp Will Not Work on These Smartphones in 2020

Facebook owned leading instant messaging app WhatsApp has recently announced that some android and iOS users will no longer be able to access WhatsApp on their smartphones. In the recent notification, WhatsApp has stated that the company will stop providing the support for some outdated android and iOS versions of smartphones. Now just few days are left and WhatsApp will ...

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Product Review: Tenda TEF1110P-8 Port PoE Switch

If you have more than one device to power, over PoE, it makes sense to consider using PoE switch. Most common application for Power Over Ethernet (PoE) is to connect and power IP devices such as IP cameras, Access point or IP phones over single network cable. Tenda TEF1110P-8 Port PoE switch, marketed as economical and reliable networking solution, comes ...

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Exclusive Interaction with Mr. Sanjay Kalirona, CEO-Gizmore

Gizmore has already established their feet in the Indian market within the last few months by launching innovative & affordable products for all set of consumers. With more than two decades of experience in IT market, Sanjay Kalirona, is a very known player in the market and due to his strong bonding with the channel, he has already achieved a ...

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“I Found Myself Surrounded By People Who Were Highly Technical”

Technology has evolved a lot in last two decades and we all have witnessed the major transformation in the digital world. Today all individuals or even large organizations are depended a lot on different technology products or solutions to execute their day to day activities. Behind all these innovations, there are huge strength of R&D team across all industries who ...

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“Our Vision Is To Bring Back Privacy On The Internet”

In digital world, we all are very much concerned about our safety. For large organisations, there are people like CTOs or CIOs working to safeguard their digital assets. But as an individual there are very less awareness about their privacy & data theft concern in an era where cybercriminals are using latest and updated tools to invade your privacy. For ...

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