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Five Ways to Protect Yourself from Online Bullying on Tiktok

The online space is a complex universe where excessive amounts of information packaged in various formats is exchanged at any given point in time. Expressing oneself creatively, connecting with like-minded individuals and sharing an array of posts that enlighten and educate people on diverse topics is what makes social media platforms a lively and vibrant place. There is, however, the bane of online bullying, which comes in various forms. From an unwanted derogatory comment to massive trolling filled with jibes, users have been at the receiving end of some serious threats across cyberspace. Practicing caution while using the app, and using appropriate restrictions is therefore a safe and smart thing to do.

Here are five ways in which users can handle unwanted interaction in the TikTok community.

  • Privacy is bliss: This is true for both your offline and online existence. Filtering out your followers empowers you to keep things clean and avoid any form of bullying. Choosing to make your account private gives you the opportunity to approve or deny followers and restrict your uploaded content to the ones you want to interact and connect with.
  • Duet it right:We know you love your duets! But practicing caution with creativity can shield you from unwanted company and reactions to your video. The app has an option that lets you decide who you want to make duets with. This can be further filtered with either choosing one setting for all your videos or make that decision for each video individually. Most importantly, TikTok empowers its users with letting them take the control of who can react to their videos.
  • Hit the delete button:While you do have an option to control who can comment on your videos in general by adjusting your privacy settings, there is always a chance of someone from your follower universe turning into a bully. In such a case, you can delete the comment posted on your videos by simply tapping and holding the comment and choosing “delete.” Furthermore, you also have the option to delete a fan at any time, or permanently block a user from being able to view your content or send you messages.
  • Support system:You must remember that you are not alone in the online world. If someone continues to harass you or is otherwise being inappropriate, even after you have modified your app settings, then you have the option of reporting them to our moderation team. The comment or situation will be reviewed, and appropriate action will be taken in case of a violation. Extending the support to the larger TikTok community, you can also help another user, who is being bullied. Parents can sit with their teens to help them manage their account settings and navigate their online experience holistically. Additionally, when all else fails and someone continues to pose a real threat to you or another user, immediately call the police or local law enforcement for help.
  • Disabling the download video: As a part of the “Privacy and Safety” settings in TikTok, there is a “Who can Download my Video” option. Here you can set the download options for your video which range from everyone, to nobody. This feature avoids any misuse of content.

As a part of TikTok’s ongoing commitment to online safety in India, it has also launched a video on its safety features that you can view here- TikTok’s industry leading safety features in India

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